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Workers Compensation Attorneys | Law Offices of Marc Francis


At a recent seminar for workers compensation lawyers in Santa Rosa an expert in surveillance of injured workers described how insurance companies use investigators with video cameras and even remote-controlled drones to spy on you to get information to defeat your workers compensation claim or to reduce the value of your case.

At the law offices of Marc Francis we advise our clients how to avoid potential problems with insurance company surveillance, also known as sub rosa videos.

In most cases, we find that the injured worker has done nothing wrong and that the insurance company’s allegation of improper conduct is based on a misunderstanding of doctor’s work restriction or limitations, or sometimes even a case of mistaken identity. In one recent case we found that the insurance company actually filmed the wrong person and cut off temporary total disability benefits. It turned out that the person in the movies was actually a relative of our client, not the injured worker!

How can you avoid being caught in the unfortunate position of having the insurance company claim that you are doing activities that are inconsistent with your claim of disability?

What should you do if you look out of your living room window and see an unfamiliar car or van parked down the street? What if you are at the grocery store and you see someone who is following you around with a camera? Or suppose you are traveling to your doctor’s office and you notice a remote-controlled drone buzzing around above you?

At the Law Offices of Marc Francis we can help you avoid problems with insurance company surveillance before they happen. Call us today for a free consultation. We have the best workers compensation lawyers in Santa Rosa ready to assist you in avoiding problems with your work injury case.

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