Avoid Case and Online Issues with a Workers Compensation Attorney

Avoid Case and Online Issues with a Workers Compensation Attorney


Social media may not be all that ‘social’ in your workers compensation case!

As workers compensation attorneys in Santa Rosa, we are well aware of how insurance companies investigate injured workers by spying on their social media communications in order to look for information to defeat the workers’ claims or reduce their benefits by claiming that they are not seriously injured.

Insurance company attorneys and investigators routinely search the internet for social media information about injured workers. There are many social media sites in use these days, and even common, everyday communications and postings can lead to trouble. And it may not even be you doing the posting that causes problems! In one recent case, a well-meaning friend of one of our clients posted photographs and information describing activities that were completely innocent but were used by the insurance carrier to try and harm our client’s case. At the Law Offices of Marc Francis we can advise you how to avoid such problems with your workers compensation case.

If you are looking for workers compensation attorneys in Santa Rosa give us a call to arrange a free consultation. We specialize in avoiding problems with your claim before they result in denials or reduced benefits.

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