Termination After Injury

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According to California’s Labor Code, if your employment does not specify a particular duration, then it is considered “at-will.” However, there are limitations to the at-will policy, and one of those limitations involves termination after injury.

Whether or not your injury occurred on the job and whether your injury was specific (occurring during a one-time accident) or cumulative (developing over time), your employer may be in violation of Chapter 2 of the California Fair Employment and Housing Act if they have discriminated against you based on your physical condition or a medical condition. Based on California Labor Code 132A, your employer is also prohibited from firing you in retaliation for applying for workers’ compensation.

The at-will policy allowing your employer to fire you at any time also may not apply if your contract or an employee handbook states or implies that you will be employed for a certain amount of time or will not receive a termination except in certain circumstances. You may even have a case if the contract was only verbal.

The Law Offices of Marc Francis can assist you by discussing this matter with you and making an appropriate referral to an employment law specialist to determine if your employer unjustly terminated you after your specific or cumulative injury.


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