What’s the Best Way to Settle My Workers’ Comp Case?

What’s the Best Way for Me to Settle My Workers Compensation Case?


There are two main ways to settle your workers compensation case. One is by Stipulations and Award, while the other is by Compromise and Release.

The best method is always based on your particular situation. Worker’s Compensation cases can be intricate, difficult, and emotionally charged. This is why it’s important to get a hold of an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney who is going to stand by you.

For a discussion about these settlement methods and your options in settling your case, call the Law Offices of Marc Francis, workers compensation attorney in Santa Rosa.

In a Stipulated Award a workers compensation judge approves a settlement which details your monetary compensation benefits, and typically makes a finding on the need for future medical care, which remains open. A Stipulated Award may also provide for other statutory benefits.

In most Stipulated Awards the settlement proceeds are paid weekly. A Stipulated Award may be reopened for ‘new and further disability’ within five years of the date of injury should your condition worsen after settlement.

In a settlement by Compromise and Release, all benefits, including future medical care, are typically converted to a lump sum payment. Once the settlement is approved by the workers compensation judge and paid by the insurance carrier, the injured worker has no continuing right to claim any additional benefits including monetary compensation or medical care.

In some cases, such as catastrophic injuries, the Compromise and Release may include a structured settlement utilizing an annuity. In others, provisions must be made to comply with laws relating to Medicare.

To determine what kind of settlement is best for you, as well as the nature and extent of legal work required to get to the settlement portion of your case, contact one of the best workers compensation lawyers in Santa Rosa, Marc Francis, at (707) 664-9675.

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