Can I Change My Work Injury Doctor?

Can I Change My Work Injury Doctor?



Had enough of the employer’s clinic ‘doctor’? At the Law Offices of Marc Francis, we can help with that!

As one of the most experienced workers’ compensation attorneys in Santa Rosa, we’ve heard nearly every question when it comes to how a client’s situation could stand to be improved with their employer’s clinic doctor. From finding the right QME to a complete review of their workers’ comp filing, we have years of experience to help make the system work for, rather than against, you.

Some of the most frequently-mentioned reasons injured workers seek help from a workers compensation attorney in Sonoma County are:

“The doctor doesn’t listen to me when I try to explain the problems caused by my work injury.”

“I’ve never seen a real doctor, only assistants or other staff members.”

“They won’t provide treatment for my shoulder because they say the insurance company only allows them to look at my wrist.”

“The insurance company doctor told me my problems are all in my head, but my knee is swollen and it’s so painful that I can’t walk or drive my car.”

“I had to wait over an hour in the office, then they told me my appointment was cancelled by the claims adjuster.”

“The employer’s clinic doctor said I had to return to work with my right arm in a sling, but I’m right-handed and after trying to work with one arm the left arm hurts now and the clinic doctor won’t provide any treatment for that.”

“The reports issued by the clinic doctor don’t include what I told them about how I was injured at work.”

“They say I don’t need any more treatment because I’m not getting better yet.”

“My family doctor says I probably have a herniated disc in my back from the work injury but the employer’s work comp doctor refuses to request an MRI for me.”

“I phoned the adjuster to ask for a new doctor but they won’t return my call.”

Does this sound familiar?

You have the legal right to a second opinion and a new treating doctor. The workers compensation adjuster usually won’t tell you that. Their clinics are set up to save money for the insurance company, not to make you better so you can return to your job.

At the Law Offices of Marc Francis, we know how to make the system work for you and we know which treating doctors provide the best treatment for your work injury. Clients deserve an attorney who is as committed to helping them get the treatment they deserve as they are! Give us a call at (707) 664-9675 for a free consultation when you need the best Santa Rosa workers compensation attorney.

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