What Does a Workers Compensation Attorney Really Do?

What Does a Workers Compensation Attorney Really Do?


It’s helpful when looking for a Sonoma County workers comp attorney to have a basic understanding of what workers comp attorneys actually do for their clients. The simple answer is “a lot!” But there’s quite a bit more to it.

  1. Understanding the client’s needs. Personal communication is essential to identifying the injured worker’s problems with their workers compensation case. No two cases are exactly alike, and in-person “face time” with the attorney, especially at the beginning of the representation, is essential to achieving the best possible result for our clients. Has the case been denied because an employer falsely denied that the injury ever took place, or was not reported to the employer or insurance carrier on a timely basis? At the Law Offices of Marc Francis we review the client’s documents in the office with the client and map out the work that needs to be done to prove the case and proceed to trial if necessary to secure the client’s entitlement to benefits, be they medical treatment for the injury, temporary total disability benefits, or permanent partial disablity benefits.
  1. Explaining how the system works as it relates to the client’s particular case. Some consider the current California workers comp system to be “broken” and while there are certainly some problems, the benefits available are substantial and in most cases essential to the injured worker’s recovery and eventual return to work. In 2017 as we enter our 30th year of practicing law, it’s more important than ever to make the system work for our clients by thoroughly working up the case, obtaining the medical-legal evidence to support our client’s needs for benefits, and protecting our clients in legal proceedings such as depositions and trials.
  1. Keeping the client informed in the case. At the Law Offices of Marc Francis we keep close track of important dates and deadlines and provide updates to our clients in writing, by telephone, and in person. We appear for the client in court at the Workers Compensation Appeals Board as necessary to protect their rights to benefits. We provide our clients with copies of all relevant documents for their own records, and we  are happy to explain them!
  1. Meeting with the client in person and by telephone to maintain good communication about the case. Yes, we actually answer the phone and return phone messages from our clients! Every now and again we receive a call from an injured worker who signed up with an attorney online having never met the attorney and now can’t seem to get a return phone call. That won’t happen at the Law Offices of Marc Francis.
  1. Keeping attorney skills updated through continuing legal education so as to provide the best possible representation.

So your Sonoma County workers comp attorney spends a lot of time communicating with you, with the court, with the insurance carrier and their attorneys, and with doctors who treat you and prepare reports to be used in establishing your rights to workers compensation benefits.

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