Workplace Injuries Caused by Cumulative Trauma

Workplace Injuries Caused by Cumulative Trauma


California workers’ compensation law recognizes two kinds of work injuries: a specific injury occurs at a particular point in time, for example, a worker lifts a heavy box and feels back pain; a cumulative injury occurs as a result of repetitive activity at work such as lifting heavy boxes for days, weeks, months, or years.

It’s very important to correctly and timely file both kinds of claims, but cumulative claims can be confusing because of the many factors involved. It’s usually best to get the advice of a work injury lawyer in Santa Rosa for information on how best to proceed with both types of claims.

Does the period of time over which the cumulative injury occurred involve only one employer or more than one employer? What kind of work activity caused the cumulative injury? Have doctors involved in the case stated that a cumulative injury occurred? Did the injured worker’s medical condition become ‘permanent and stationary’ in between multiple periods of cumulative trauma? What kind of doctor is best for examination and reporting on these injuries?

All of these factors and more should be carefully considered in order to be sure that all workers’ compensation benefits are provided.

Whether your work injury was a specific injury, a cumulative injury, or both, consultation with a Sonoma County workers comp lawyer is a good idea. For a free consultation call the Law Offices of Marc Francis at 707-664-9675.

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