My Doctor Prescribed Treatment For My Santa Rosa Work Injury But the Insurance Carrier Has Not Authorized the Treatment!


We hear this from injured workers in Santa Rosa far too often. The injured worker receives a prescription for medications, an MRI scan, or a referral to a specialist, and the workers compensation insurance carrier either fails to provide authorization or sends the prescription to their utilization review company which then denies the prescription.

Workers Compensation Attorney in Santa Rosa

At the Law Office of Marc Francis we can help with these problems. There are strict time limits within which the insurance carrier must either approve or deny the treatment and if these time limits are not followed we can ask a Workers Compensation Judge to order that the treatment be provided.

If the treatment is denied by the insurance carrier’s utilization review company we can assist you with the filing of an appeal provided for by law.

Don’t assume that you must be without needed medical treatment! Call a workers compensation attorney in Santa Rosa for a free consultation today.

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