Many prospective clients come to The Law Offices of Marc Francis unaware of the idea of a compensatory consequence injury claim.  They may know that the medications prescribed by their treating doctor for their work injury upset their stomach, or that due to overuse their “good arm” is starting to hurt more than their “injured arm”, but they don’t realize that they may have what is known in workers’ compensation as a “compensatory consequence injury.”

An injury that is related to the one you suffered on the job and which is a direct result of that on the job injury is compensable, meaning you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, including medical treatment, and temporary and/or permanent disability payments, on account of that related injury.

The Importance of an Experienced Lawyer

These injuries are not at all uncommon, and are one more reason why it is essential to consult with a Sonoma County workers’ comp lawyer for advice on handling your claim for workers’ compensation benefits.  A Sonoma County workers’ compensation attorney at The Law Offices of Marc Francis can review your medical records and discuss your current medical conditions with you to determine if you may have additional injuries which are a compensable consequence of your original work injury.  These compensable consequence injuries, by their very nature, are often not present at the beginning of a case, but can develop over time.  Working with a qualified workers’ comp lawyer in Sonoma County such as the Law Offices of Marc Francis, you may amend your original claim to include such compensable consequence injuries as they arise and are identified.

In an earlier blog post (Do I Need to See a Qualified Medical Examiner, August 2017) I discussed the importance these “QME” exams for determining the correct body parts for which you might claim injury.  These QME exams are also important for identifying compensable consequence injuries.  However, as I stressed in that post, one should consult with a specialist in workers’ compensation such as the Law Offices of Marc Francis for assistance in navigating the qualified medical exam process.

Get compensated for ALL your work-related injuries.  Call the Law Offices of Marc Francis today for a free consultation.

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